About Us

Kentucky’s Edge pairs all things Kentucky with bourbon. Covington and Newport are the campus for an immersive weekend of great bourbon, food, music, shopping and conversation. There will also be a conference, day tours, and other activities.

Kentucky's Edge is unique in that sponsors created the Northern Kentucky Event Fund to underwrite the event as well as future events. As Kentucky's Edge grows, the fund grows. Over time, the fund will spawn new events for Northern Kentucky. The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Foundation is the fiducidary of the fund and spends the money as directed by the sponsors.

Kentucky's Edge was co-founded in 2019 by Bill Donabedian and Kevin Canafax. Bill has over 16 years of event experience launching events such as the MidPoint Music Festival and Bunbury Music Festival. Kevin has over 30 years of corporate communication and public affairs experience as well as co-founding charitable events Suits That Rock and Play On.

Kentucky's Edge is produced by ESK Presents. This is the same company behind events like Bunbury Music Festival, Bellwether Music Festival, Brandemonium, PiviP and Cincinnati SantaCon.